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Who am I?

Sports has always been my passion. Kayak, Ski, Triathlon,...The daily practise of those sports confronted me often with the mechanical problems that they can engender.

During my studies as a marine merchant officer, I had the opportunity to deepen myself in the study of the composite material, its properties and limitations that its use involves.


Repair of carbon bike frames and carbon parts as well as other composite equipment within the shortest deadlines.


Ultrasonic analysis allows to determine whether the carbon frame, components or structures is broken or in good condition.

5 years warranty

All repairs receive a 5-year non-nominal warranty.


Free quotation

At your place, at the shop or by pictures, with respect of the announced deadlines.


The fall is not a failure.
The failure is to remain where you have fallen.

But before you can continue, you'll have to repair...

Frequently Asked Questions

The price depends on a lot of factors. Send us pictures and we'll send you as soon as possible a quotation.
Generally it a repair takes 10 to 15 days. The restraint here is the drying time that has to be stricly followed to have a perfect result.
No. If you sell a repaired item it keeps its 5 years warranty.
We always try to give the repaired item an original look, but the repaired location will always be visible if you know where to look. If you want a perfect paintjob of your bike we recommend you to contact Mr. Plusquin ( who works with a painting cabin. He delivers a perfect job.
Yes! An express repair is possible within the 48hrs. Of course not all repairs are possible within that time frame. The decision to start an express repair will be taken after analysis. There is no finition included in an express repair, but this can be done afterwards.
Yes and even a little bit more because of the extra layers of carbon.
I work with a non-destructive ultrasonic control device that analyzes the state of the internal structure of the component. This allows to detect internal cracks or divergences. My formation is Controller by Ultrason certified by Vinçotte and I'm recognized as an independent expert in synthetic materials by the ABEX (Association Belge des Experts).
The expertise of a carbon frame is 220€ VAT included. The expertise report will be sent within 48 hours after the analysis and confirms the state of the component.
Yes, it is possible after appointment.

The bicycle is a friend
with whom one never has a fight

Joseph Louis Laval

0497 93 05 00

Marc Picrit
Orbanlaan, 227
1150 St-Pieters-Woluwe

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